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It’s all about the presentation!

Tina from Irvine celebrated her daughter’s birthday with a Glamour Girls party; fashionista style. She had so much fun decorating and the table set up came out super cute. She placed cool sun glasses, tiaras, necklaces and other girly stuff to bring out the theme. The girls had so much fun and the birthday girl was very happy. Tina selected lavenders and bright pinks for linens and, of course, rented our kids sized tables and chairs to set the scene. Its all about the presentation and she sure did set the bar pretty high!


A unique Fairy Tea Party!

This tea party was very original and unique.   Julia from Tapanga was so creative and dedicated to put this tea party for her daughters 4th birthday party.   The girls wore wings and fairy wands.  The beautiful mismatch tea china and scones gave it a touch of origiality and also served as tabletop decorations.

Our kid sized tables  and chairs dressed in our popular princess style chair covers and pink linens served as the primary seating arrangement and main theme decoration for this girly girly tea party.