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Minecraft and Monster High Party Combo

My kids birth dates are only two weeks apart and occasionally I will do a 2 in 1 party at home to invite family, friends and my kids’ buddies. This minimizes costs and some stress of party planning. My 7 yr old boy is so into mind craft videos and my 9 yr old daughter is into music, beauty, and that diva stage. So I went ahead did this combo party and I am very happy it worked out. I used our kids sized party tables and chairs and dressed them out in prints and colors that resembled the themes.
The Mine Craft table set up had lime green tablecloth, emerald green runner, and black chair covers and black paper plates and cups. The Monster High table was arranged with hot pink tablecloth, zebra print runner, black chair covers and turquoise bows with the rhinestone wrap. I thought it looked fabulous!

I hired a taco cart for food and I bought and cut fresh fruit, tortilla ships, nacho cheese, and the sodas and water for drinks. I totally forgot to order pizza for the kids but to my surprise they were okay with the rice, beans, and chicken from the taco cart. They adults were mingling at the front by the food area, the kids inside the living room where I set the kids tables (removed couches and placed outside by patio for seating) and a jumper outside. The creeper pinata had candy and the girls one had balls. Everyone seemed to to be having fun and my kids were so happy.

We,Themes for Kids Party Rental in Costa Mesa, CA;  specialize in the rentals of kid-sized party tables and chairs with themed chair covers and linens that transform the party into a dream come true for a unique party experience. Contact us for your next magical celebration! 714-545-5507 http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com
Rentals start from $39 for a set of 8 (1 table, 8 chairs, 8 chair covers, 1 tablecloth, 1 overlay/runner) lots of themes available.

Monster High and Minecraft Party theme decorations ideas

Minecraft and Monster High Party combo – http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

Monster High and Minecraft Party theme decorations ideas

Monster High Party Theme – http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

Monster High and Minecraft Party theme decorations ideas

Monster High Party Theme Table Set Up – http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

Minecraft party theme decoration ideas centerpieces, party favor

Minecraft party decoration ideas – http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

Minecraft and Monster High Party Decorations Ideas Favors

Minecraft and Monster Kids party – http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

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Lady bugs is an ideal theme for your 1-3 year old’s birthday party. Warning: with all the black and red colors, the black polka dots, the decoration, the cake, art activities, and your toddler dressed up as a lady bug; … Continue reading

Wizard of Oz Theme Party Table Set Up

Come check out our new Wizard of Oz theme party table set up exhibited at the Orange County Fair July 15 to August 14, 2011 at the Culinary Arts Displays.

I created Dorthy’s Ruby shoes chair covers, and a yellow brick road to Emerald City centerpiece.  This theme will be available for rent after the fair.   If you go see it let me know what you think!

http://www.themespartyrental.com 714-545-5507 All Rights Reserved

http://www.themepartyrental.com 714-545-5507 All Rights Reserved

Emerald City Centerpiece

http://www.themespartyrental.com 714-545-5507 All Rights Reserved

Dorthy's Ruby Shoes Kids Chair Cover

http://www.themespartyrental.com All Rights Reserved. 714-545-5507