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Diva Spa Party


getting ready for pedicure, manicure, hair and some make up.


Getting the stations ready before the girls arrive. Pedicure, Manicure, hair and make up serviced by the moms and older guests.


They loved the pink nail polish.


The girls helped each other with their manicure.

When your girls phase out the princess, fairies and cartoons stages, then, beauty is the next phase. Girls love getting their manicures, pedicures, hair and maybe some make up too. We can help you with the rentals so you don’t have to empty your pockets. We have packages that include all that you will need; from robes, head bands, towels, nail polish, pedicure and manicures supplies, nail dryers, massage lotions, kids friendly make up and disposable applicators, etc. And, of course, our specialty kid-sized tables and chairs with assorted color linens for that couture touch.


Deluxe Spa Party

Spa Party

Spa Party Set up with Pedicure, manicure, hair and make up stations.

My patio was transformed into a deluxe spa for Clarice and her friends. Everything from the reception desk, pedicure station, manicure station, hair and make up station, the waiting area, the robes and the sparkling pink draping, gave the girls a real spa experience with the works. We (the mothers) were hard at work giving our exigent little customers the service they liked. We all had so much fun in this little pretend spa day.


Spa Party - Look at my manicure!

Just got my manicure:)