Diva Spa Party


getting ready for pedicure, manicure, hair and some make up.


Getting the stations ready before the girls arrive. Pedicure, Manicure, hair and make up serviced by the moms and older guests.


They loved the pink nail polish.


The girls helped each other with their manicure.

When your girls phase out the princess, fairies and cartoons stages, then, beauty is the next phase. Girls love getting their manicures, pedicures, hair and maybe some make up too. We can help you with the rentals so you don’t have to empty your pockets. We have packages that include all that you will need; from robes, head bands, towels, nail polish, pedicure and manicures supplies, nail dryers, massage lotions, kids friendly make up and disposable applicators, etc. And, of course, our specialty kid-sized tables and chairs with assorted color linens for that couture touch.


Pizza Making Party

Making your own pizza can be just a fun as eating it. The red tablecloth and red and white checkered overlay gave this setting the a unique Italian look. The kids wore chef hats, aprons and were excited to make their… own pizza. The dough was rolled out for them and they added the toppings of their liking. Then the little pizzas were put in oven and they could hardly wait for the pizza to be ready to eat. If you are in need of ideas for a unique kids party, pizza making can come to your rescue.

Orange County Chair Covers Rental for Weddings

In addition to our kids specialized party rental, Bella Event Services also provides rentals of chair covers, tablecloth linens, napkins, charger plates and accessories in orange county  for wedding receptions and other events.  We are a small but very professional home-based business located in Costa Mesa, CA and have been in operation since 2008.
Chair covers are used to cover banquet style chairs during formal weddings and other events.  This enhances the appearance of the chair and improves the ambiance of the reception hall. Chair covers are an essential part in the look and feel of a wedding reception.

Our chair covers are truly unique and the difference can be easily perceived.   While there is a variety of different styles of banquet chairs and each has slightly different dimensions, our one size fits all chair covers are made out of a polyester/spandex base fabric with a  stretch factor that can fit and mold to each chairs’ shape giving it a perfect fit and slick look.   
Chair covers are available in white, black, ivory and satin gold.

In addition, our satin sashes give it a very elegant, richer color to the decor.  Our wide range of colors and shades can match your color scheme and wedding theme.

For your chair cover rental needs call us at 714-545-5507 or send us an email to bellaeventservices@gmail.com

Showing navy/marine blue satin sashes, overlays, and white chair covers.


Showing plum satin sashes, white chair covers,

Deluxe Spa Party

Spa Party

Spa Party Set up with Pedicure, manicure, hair and make up stations.

My patio was transformed into a deluxe spa for Clarice and her friends. Everything from the reception desk, pedicure station, manicure station, hair and make up station, the waiting area, the robes and the sparkling pink draping, gave the girls a real spa experience with the works. We (the mothers) were hard at work giving our exigent little customers the service they liked. We all had so much fun in this little pretend spa day.


Spa Party - Look at my manicure!

Just got my manicure:)

Wizard of Oz Theme Party Table Set Up

Come check out our new Wizard of Oz theme party table set up exhibited at the Orange County Fair July 15 to August 14, 2011 at the Culinary Arts Displays.

I created Dorthy’s Ruby shoes chair covers, and a yellow brick road to Emerald City centerpiece.  This theme will be available for rent after the fair.   If you go see it let me know what you think!

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http://www.themepartyrental.com 714-545-5507 All Rights Reserved

Emerald City Centerpiece

http://www.themespartyrental.com 714-545-5507 All Rights Reserved

Dorthy's Ruby Shoes Kids Chair Cover

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Garden Fairy Tea Party

We celebrated my daughter’s 6th b-day party last week with a garden fairy tea party and it was amazing. I made a little backdrop with Tinkerbell, I used very colorful linens, the cutest centerpiece teacups i found, and hanged multicolor lanterns over the tent. I made enchiladas for the adults, had pizza for the kids, and instead of cake we had cupcakes. The kids had a good manners tea party, wore butterfly wings, played musical chairs, hit the pinata, did some painting, and we all had a blast!

Themes for Kids Party Rental - All Rights Reserved

Themes for Kids Party Rental - All Rights Reserved

Themes For Kids Party Rental - All Rights Reserved

Themes for Kids Party Rental - All Rights Reserved

Batman Party Theme –

We celebrated my son’s 4th b-day party with Batman theme. We rented a community room through the city and it was a blast.  We used the kid-sized chairs, black chair covers to match Batman’s cape and blue and yellow tablel coths  to coordinate with the decorations.   The backdrop/background with Gotham city skyline and batman flying to fight crime (available for rent) transformed the room and set the scene for a bat-super birthday celebration!www.themesforkidspartyrental.com

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Batman theme kids bithday party - cake http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com 714-545-5507 Costa Mesa, CA

Batman Party - http://www.themesforkidspartyrental.com 714-545-5507 Costa Mesa, CA